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February 14, 2013
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SXS ~|| Pregnant Love ||~ by Truth-Lely-Gaia SXS ~|| Pregnant Love ||~ by Truth-Lely-Gaia

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Speed Paint V-day SXS ~| | Pregnant Love | |~

:iconvioletheartplz::icongreyheartplz: Happy Valentines Day!!~~ :icongreyheartplz::iconvioletheartplz:

Normally I should hate this day cause I have no one to share the love with. Only with my Angel Guardian, Shadow-950. Further not for real ok.
But this year's V-day went very different like then those years before.... normally I was crying out on bed, with my Shadow plushie against my chest hugging like, hearing sad music. That kept going my day normally. But today's Valentines day is kinda very precious for me ya know!
As you already have known from my poll track Susan is again pregnant! And I really felt to draw something better then me last years V-day picture, soo old XD
Anyways, back to the story how the damn Susan got pregnant again, shall we?

It all happened in 2012 at Christmas Night. It was the Love Spirit of Christmas for them as married couple. They always did the same things those 4 years of being married long (expect the first 2 years cause Susan was very shy to do ''it'')
But at that night, Shadow though he didn't rapes her with another child. Cause he was happy enough with the 8 kids he had now. Susan kept it a secret after New Years day, she've confess to Shadow - when he came home of his police patrol - that she's again pregnant.
Shadow was so happy he didn't knew what to say and just hugged her happily like and cried in happiness. And cause Shadow is doctor, he had the ability to kinda ''scan'' over Susan's belly and count how many babies she carries. And this time, it where 2 special children which he not knew the real animal piece from, but the weren't hedgehog for sure.
The only thing was, will it be a boy or a girl? They both didn't knew but they already where thinking of names like they always did. But they didn't tell each other the names, they kept it a secret till Susan give birth.

And the birth date will be at; 27 - Feb - 2013

That's why this day is very precious for me, I'm so exited how those children will look like! (even though I created them with my pencil XD) but it's really nice right?

And to make this artwork kinda more special I type some random sentences down that Shadow would say to Susan to show his love and why he loves her. Same goes for Susan. Enjoy the artwork, the day and the following sweet love words of this couple. I so love them for sure :love:

:iconshadowsignplz: Shadow's love words toward: Susan~ :iconshadowsignplz:

:heart: ''Your love hits me more then a Chaos Blast'' :heart:
:heart: ''Don't let someone tell you're a no one'' :heart:
:heart: ''Dat butt shake of yours~'' :heart:
:heart: ''I don't care if you looked ugly, I care of how that beautiful inner self of yours is~'' :heart:
:heart: ''My precious girl'' :heart:
:heart: ''Damn girl, you're turning me on~'' :heart:
:heart: ''I will protect you, I promise'' :heart:
:heart: ''I'll promise anything and ONLY anything for you~'' :heart:
:heart: ''My Susan isn't scared of anything~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Stop it's love-making time~''
:heart: ''Nyao~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Rawrrr~ That's my girl~'' :heart:
:heart: ''I love you more then anything!'' :heart:
:heart: ''You made my soul alive when you where there for me~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Hey, I really don't care how you will dress like, I'll always will suit that pure body of yours~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Those eyes, those pure blue crystal eyes sparkle always in the moonlight'' :heart:
:heart: ''There's no one like you so beautiful''
:heart: ''I just love the way you are, no matter how many forms or skin colors you change in! I'll always recognize those eyes of yours'' :heart:
:heart: ''Bad-girl~~'' :heart:
:heart: ''No one will ever take you away from me! You're too important, I'll miss then something in life. It's cause you're my life'' :heart:

:iconsusansignplz: Susan's love words toward: Shadow~ :iconsusansignplz:

:heart: ''Ehehehe you silly hedgehog of mine'' :heart:
:heart: ''My cute blush-boy~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Y-you're... sexy~'' :heart:
:heart: ''You're such a badass hedgehog toward me~'' :heart:
:heart: ''You aren't evil or mean to me, you're just evil toward others FOR me~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Can you promise me something, please?'' :heart:
:heart: ''Ooh Shadow ehehehe~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Don't smirk like that to me you~'' :heart:
:heart: ''If you want me come and get me then~~'' :heart:
:heart: ''That's not true! I do love the way of how you are!'' :heart:
:heart: ''Heh, i-if you say so Shadow~'' *blush* :heart:
:heart: ''My Shady-kun~'' :heart:
:heart: ''You always keep my number one, doesn't matter how many other boys I'll love. I keep loving you the most'' :heart:
:heart: ''You're so sweet!~~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Nya~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Purrrrr~'' :heart:
:heart: ''Your my and only hedgehog I want to be''
:heart: ''Without you, I wouldn't be someone'' :heart:
:heart: ''My badboy~'' :heart:
:heart: ''You'll never break my heart with any mistake you make, I'll always forgive you. Cause I can't be without you Shadow~'' :heart:

Sketch :pointr: 1 hour(s) + 44 minutes
    Line Art :pointr: 0 hour(s) +26 minutes Coloring :pointr: 3 hour(s) + 19 minutes
      Total Time: 5 hour(s) + 32 minutes

//Layers Used: 134
//Program Used: :iconpainttoolsaiplz:
//Art By: :icontruth-lely-gaia:
//Character: Susan (c) :icontruth-lely-gaia:
Shadow (c) :iconsegalogoplz:

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ruffmangirl Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought that was his sister Sweating a little... :o (Eek) Oops! Rage the hell? tears 
Truth-Lely-Gaia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
...eehm... sister? that's kind of crazy ya know :I
Sydney-Empire Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a very nice picture! I'm starting to like this couple. :-)
Truth-Lely-Gaia Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really? W-well glad you start liking my main couple. It means so much to me thank you :hug:
Sydney-Empire Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! :D May I draw a picture of Susan, please? She looks really cool! :D
Truth-Lely-Gaia Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh sure, no need to ask permission you can draw her whenever you want.
Her reference (new December 2013 one) is in the reference folder in my Gallery if you need it :3
Sydney-Empire Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YAY!! :D
lifegiving Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
die description :la:
En wat ze zeggen tegen elkaar..
da's zoo lief...

Echt die is super episch geworden , die achtergrond is echt mooi en die lijntjes ook en die schaduw en alle kleuren en effecten en houdingen en gezichtsuitdrukkingen..
en zo kan ik nog wel ff doorgaan >.<

Echt super..
Truth-Lely-Gaia Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL, I know right?
En dankje, ik vond her ook leuk om dat te typen voor de V-day XD

lol, de shading style wordt mss mijn standaart anders blijf ik switchen van stylen XD

Dankje :3
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